It’s been a while. There are inevitable challenges when one devotes their life to Truth and the cultivation of Awareness. There are times when I lose sight of the grand vision and really feel like giving up on the rest of the Klan…..So much confusion, noise, mindlessness – bitterness, envy, self-indulgence and nonsense. After a while – after one pulls their head out of the noise and assumed context…..the rest of the moving world seems to just go on relentlessly with bickering, bullshit and cliched exchanges- over and over and over again. Often times, it appears to be an endless loop of folly……..It’s been this way for as long as mankind has gathered…. Never before – has the world needed sincere Leadership – Light – Liberty and most of all Love… I myself – can get beyond the realm of frustrated with my/our people… […]

  Hurry, hurry step right up……behind the curtain awaits wonders and oddities that dumbfound the senses…..for the price of a cup of coffee…..grab your ticket……enjoy the show. Where to even begin today…. How about the ROOT of it ALL? To the very beginning? To the HEART of all Human matters? There are tiered elements that drive all human motion, whether physical or psychic movements. And there are hackers that have exploited these natural patterns since the dawn of civilization. At heart of the Human Condition fires a FEAR…….a pillar of our psychological foundation. Every psychological element is directly based upon a material, physical consideration. Every psychological elements renders to an Unperishable, physical condition. At the HEART… front and center of IT ALL…….VULNERABILITY. To be Vulnerable is THE WORST POSITION TO BE IN…..absolutely the worst……Vulnerability opens the enterprise to an onslaught of assaults and manipulative […]