So here it is, took me long enough.  I have been wanting to write this for a long time coming…or going.  It’s a matter of disposition and efficiency that has required me to draft such material.  In order to not spent precious resources in a near-constant, repetitious…..seemingly post-hoc defensive cycle – I thought it wise to conjure up a Qualifier Declaration that I can refer any and all patrons to – when something I share disturbs your otherwise peaceful psychic waters…..

Since the GOLD lies within the heart of the nether-regions…the thin space between THIS and THAT……Left and Right…..Ying and Yang….Pyramid/Cone……it seems most rational to draft a document that an author can reference when attempting to articulate the steps and measures required for a miner to stumble upon its secret whereabouts.  You see, the sea of humanity is well divided, our social exchanges transpire with inevitable polarity.  Left camp, Right camp.  Black, White.  Sadly, the insightful ones know exactly how to pull the strings and divide the tribe.  My intent is to expose all tricks of the trade once and for all – seeking not-a-thing in return and sincerely knowing all likely spells of alienation from those I wish to nudge. BULLSHIT, you say?

Herein lies the moral of the story and perhaps the greatest exposure of all.


[Q1] I will never sell you a god damn thing, not a belief, not a star, a soul, an e-book or any sort of certainty.

[Q2] I do not require your admiration, your respect, your agreement, your friendship, your reactions, your resources, your any-thing.

[Q3] Know I LOVE you (right here, right now, on your own terms), this lovely world (as is) and the folly found within…..Unconditionally……simply because Unconditional Love is ALL there is, its the head corner stone, the Philosopher Stone, the Key to the Kingdom and all that is to ever remain.  It is there, in constant flow, the tree that nurtures those awakened.  This Feeling is supra personal moods, attitudes or returns on investment.  This is a Feeling earned, burned and Realized due to incessant, self-indulgent foolishness coupled with ardent, contemplation and a willingness to “dig deep” within the self (as my persona and effect being extreme was more easily recognized than those good sort of folks camped at the middle of the bell curve).  Knowing Love is knowing you can share an authentic element with another and not fear retribution (Vulnerability).  Knowing love is not a gainful measure, yet by its nature known we gain it all.  Simple and Lost.

[Q4] Despite charged language and rhetoric, no matter what the instant case maybe – I do not perceive the subject matter or any agents involved to be greater or lesser than my own self enterprise.  If you grasp the marrow of this material, you’ll understand how any premise of value-judgment or declaration of good-guy badges is utter nonsense and folly.

[Q5] Every human folly and frailty that I point towards has been played out in hyper-drive in my on head space.  I am an exceptional fuck-up and its been within my darkest hours that I forged, lead-ore into both sword and shield.

[Q6] If you grasp the marrow of this material, you’ll understand why I find the following assertion to be so essential to our discourse – as what I am about to frame is a great KEY to Relationships, Well-being and your personal FREEDOM.  Please realize, I consider our exchanges….our home-place…..our camp fire…..- an inviting place where folks can feel free to cozy-up and sing their song without value judgment and techno-retribution.  If we cannot gain mutual resolve and rise, then we must wish each other the best and move on down the road until we can gain resolve and rise.  Otherwise, we merely add to the sea of noise.

[Q7] Vulnerability keeps the person from unfolding his authentic-self – Our greatest features and functions are creativity and selfless-action, yet we shy away from our primordial fountains because we feel Vulnerable, we do not sing our song because we expect it will leave us more Vulnerable to those in the audience.  Know this – the HEART of human movement is to NOT-be-Vulnerable.  Any agent we deem holding advantage over us, we also deem as a threat to our own personal sovereignty and abilities to allocate resources.  If we deem THREAT, we no longer are mindful of that person, that agent.  If we deem OPPORTUNITY, we no longer see and are mindful of that person, that source of food.  When we are not mindful, we cannot rightly share our ART and our Experience (one in the same) with other folks in any sort of meaningful way – because whether we realize it or not, these wonderful human beings turn into subjects….Food…..and Monsters…….Counter to conditional considerations and Social ritual regards – we can only gain true Freedom by becoming exceptionally vulnerable in every aspect.

[Q7] The Illusion of Scarcity and a finite world conditions its participants into believing that there’s never enough time and never enough to go around.  Under these assumptions, the rats race, scurry and fight over crumbs of sugar-cube.

[Q8] Perhaps the most personal of all, I can only articulate my experience.  I will not pretend to speak in the voice of the “royal-we” or in any sort of lack-of-ownership fashion.  I own every single inch and aspect of my persona, my self, my dominion, my story.  I will not play the expected, psychological games or spin interaction into a self-delusional fairy-tale.  There is no psycho-drama to be had in this marketplace, no redeemers, no saviors, no victims – only Light-bringers.

[Q9] The only way through is within – Empower the body with inspiration and sincerity rather than dis-empower with pity and feelings of sympathy.  If you grasp the marrow of this material, it will become clearly absurd to infringe on another’s path-working no matter what their perceived plight or luxury, especially when a brother has stumbled or fallen into a pit.  A speck of pity is a speck too much.

[Q10] You are not likely to comprehend the value and magnitude of these KEYS and things I ramble on about – I didn’t either at first, took me several years after a “satori” until I truly began to understand the system, the tools, the working parts, the design, the environment…..the Codes.  Again, please realize, there is no need to resist or believe or be influenced in anyway whatsoever – there is no requirement for any fractional-conditional-system, ritual, guide, or way of path-working.  You are the only agency that can FREE you and no amount of chicanery or social-determinism will unlock your perceived shackles.  There is no need for a middle man and savior, in fact its been the middle man that’s kept man in such poverty.  The great statesman……the great King…….the great father provides the Foundation…….the Tools…….and the Courage…….to ensure that ALL men can realize their GREAT nature and real bond of brotherhood born of knowing the elements and nature of Greatness…….which is simply having the resources and intelligence to OVERSEE and OPPRESS all those around you, knowing you can exercise life-long will in pursuit of greater dominion, riches and sexual appetites……yet mindfully choosing the direct opposite……lighting fires, providing insight and tools…never conclusions, orders or declarations….providing a safe haven for those to unfold their story and to folly, while supporting where  required, yet never infringing, enabling or indulging in your good guy story-line.

ALRIGHT…….that’s enough for this initial post.  I will edit, revise as I see fit until worthy of its bandwidth.


[1] First-hand, direct experience TRUMPS analog here-say.

[2] If we do not enjoy direct, first-hand experience – we must pull together analog “closest-fit” experience.

[3] We cannot know, what we cannot imagine.

[4] We are Alive when we are mindful and Animated when we are not.

[5] Consideration of Faith is most-often confused with social conditioning.

[6] Our personal Unconscious is most-always the driver of our vehicle.

[7] We post-hoc draft a custom-tailored story about what is happening to us – in real-time, on-the-fly……long after our driver (personal Unconscious) has already decided its likely destination.

[8] Maybe tomorrow……ART in progress.

2 thoughts on “The Qualifier

  1. I’ve been studying your posts for three years now. Along with those whom you’ve recommended as valuable sources like Iona Miller, Carl Jung, and NOW I’ve had what I think to be an unveiling with the SELF. I’m in AWE. Blown away. Vulnerable and thankfully was recieved well by my LOVE as his response was “Oh yeah! Self realization! I know about that Center in California!” As he proceeded to swap stories with me of his experiences.

    As I write, I see how frustrating it is to try convey my experience without Vulnerability. I also want to find “the others” and learn as much as I can. I can honestly say I HAD NO IDEA…now I think I’ve had a taste, a knowing…

    If you’ve RE-ALIZED what I think I’ve realized it’s laughable to think that you would even desire a thank you from me. Or even care to know because you are doing your own work BUT my thank you isn’t for you. It’s for me. (HA! Who is also YOU who is ME.)

    🙂 So Thanks,

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