I do this for my up town politicians, those that walked into the kitchen and found a pot to piss in…

For as long as I can, I will cover a host of words and concepts that hold incredible power, yet avade ordinary convention.

For starters…….the basics…..

The word, “term” or “terms”….pretty common, everyday concept…e.g. what are the terms of the deal…

On walk about, through the forest, we cross paths with a stick, a fallen sycamore branch….we pick up the stick.

We see, we experience the stick, all at once….no part of the stick is seen above or beyond the whole. We simply see the stick….

Yet there’s much more going on and to be had, than meets the eye….the stick has terms…all matter has terms that distinguish its order from another extension’s order. (Extension is another word we will get into).

The stick has two ends, two points……..a left one and a right one…the stick appears to extend from one end to the other. The stick wouldn’t be the stick if we only sensed a left side, one point. The stick presents its terms in real space-time, it’s terms define, “pin” the physical rendition to its immediate, instant order….that of an ordinary, 3 foot sycamore branch.

We do not sense the stick in part, we don’t see the good side of the stick against the bad end….we cannot experience the stick without its terms. We can only experience the whole…

Terms carve out space-time, like Michaelangelo chipping away at a marble slab, revealing the timeless naked remains of David….the art starts out as a block of undifferentiated potential, gross and unrealized….the artist chips and chisels away the gross block, as much or as little as necessary to reveal his mind’s eye…..to communicate a root, eternal essence that’s been clawing and scratching it’s way to the surface….

The Cosmos seeks intimacy with itself by “lighting up” meaning, through recognition of its material terms…..this recognition takes place within our minds whenever we exchange with what we think is the outside world….

If we were to add another end, another point, we drastically change the terms of space-time….from a two dimensional dynamic, linear power…a charged potential….to a three dimensional environment, capable of actualizing force, utility and coherence. Got to have three points to harness the irrational being of energy.

Anyway, there you have it…

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