So here it is, took me long enough.  I have been wanting to write this for a long time coming…or going.  It’s a matter of disposition and efficiency that has required me to draft such material.  In order to not spent precious resources in a near-constant, repetitious…..seemingly post-hoc defensive cycle – I thought it wise to conjure up a Qualifier Declaration that I can refer any and all patrons to – when something I share disturbs your otherwise peaceful psychic waters….. Since the GOLD lies within the heart of the nether-regions…the thin space between THIS and THAT……Left and Right…..Ying and Yang….Pyramid/Cone……it seems most rational to draft a document that an author can reference when attempting to articulate the steps and measures required for a miner to stumble upon its secret whereabouts.  You see, the sea of humanity is well divided, our social exchanges transpire […]