Wow…..How to address such a tricky notion? Liberty…..Freedom….the Meaning of Life… ready to tackle such ideas? We shall see… Liberty….Freedom…..Privacy…Constitution……are just trinket-words that get dished up and tossed around, usually to satisfy some self-serving, instant gratification…..what’s in it for me? My Liberty…. It’s been my experience that when folks throw out such cliche, trinket-words – they do so in order to advance a basic, material, self-serving…….oppressive “strong-hold”….of some kind.  We can see this in a conventional, Southern Baptist household and all over the globe within poor socio-economic countries, regimes, etc.   Despite the selective judgments and good-guy badges, all human beings cultivate this “dominion….strong-hold” over other human beings……male or female…..male or male….female or female….personal or business…….master…..slave. It’s called the 1-up game. Your turn.  Boring. Liberty IS worth talking about, however…….IT…..IS worth talking about.  What is IT? and What is LIBERTY? Before we get to […]

If it’s not spontaneous and without regard for return…….It’s not ART…..only Animation…… Raw, as it gets, before the furnace of discrimination….not a jot nor a tittle has been changed. In plain sight….. We sense this world in real-time…..if you are reading this now, take a look around the room – you are in real time….even if you read these words asynchronously……network lag……you are still observing your world in real-time… the speed of light. Everything you witness, sense….see is traveling at the speed of light… fast as your imagination can handle… fast as your thought stream…as fast as you can tell your knee to jerk……faster….still. It should stand to reason that if this is the case then…..our social interfacing in real-time makes it nearly impossible for people to be self-aware and self-evident in a social interfacing situation…..whether a one-on one-conflict (husband and wife) or a collective, […]

A Walk with Words…. The most difficult thing to ever remember is the thing most obvious to you already. The more obvious, the more likely you are to forget…..deer in the headlights? With me? For example, your heart, pretty obvious organ, ehh? Do you remember it beating? When’s the last time you remember your heart beat? How about your last breath? Recall your first breath this morning? or 2 days ago? One foot after the other – and there before you know it. The most difficult thing to remember is the thing most obvious….and most precious to Life. People….good people all wanting the same things…..behave so poorly toward one another, day in, day out… people, friend people, co-worker people…… moods……in pissing contests… Married people get divorce because “they cannot work things out”……and we nod…..being polite…….never bothering to dig deeper, “cannot work things out?”…..what does […]

Shall we play a game? Life is so incredibly interesting. For the longest time I wanted to throw out to the crowd a drama that I have been imagining over and over again – its ridiculously intriguing to come to find out that someone has already beaten me to the punch.  For me, the drama either took place in a dream state or a state of virtual reality – either way the thought experiment works wonderfully. I’ve been unfortunately-fortunate to experience first-hand this sort of psycho-drama – the theme, its grand lesson and its fundamental elements.  My journey has provided me first-hand experience with the inevitable hells, demons and discoveries revealed only to man when he’s fallen impeccably from grace… a non-local, rock-bottom point of supreme isolation and despair.  If you, the reader get that far below, you can reference this metaphor against Mr. […]

“Was helfen fackeln licht, oder briln so die leut nicht sehen wollen.” If you’ve followed along with me at all or are just arriving – you’ll notice I throw out words like “keys” and “kingdom” and other such vague concepts.  Words like “key” and “kingdom” have lost their meaning entirely and it would do no good to proceed from here without fully clarifying the charge of their meaning….We all think we know things, yet when we examine these assumptions closely we are usually amazed to discover how little we do know and how consistently we gloss over their true meaning. A Key does what? It opens things, right?  Opens what? Doors?, a window? An escape hatch? What does this KEY really do? If this KEY opens a door, then what?……..Open another door?……..Then another? What good is a KEY if all its does is open […]

So here it is, took me long enough.  I have been wanting to write this for a long time coming…or going.  It’s a matter of disposition and efficiency that has required me to draft such material.  In order to not spent precious resources in a near-constant, repetitious…..seemingly post-hoc defensive cycle – I thought it wise to conjure up a Qualifier Declaration that I can refer any and all patrons to – when something I share disturbs your otherwise peaceful psychic waters….. Since the GOLD lies within the heart of the nether-regions…the thin space between THIS and THAT……Left and Right…..Ying and Yang….Pyramid/Cone……it seems most rational to draft a document that an author can reference when attempting to articulate the steps and measures required for a miner to stumble upon its secret whereabouts.  You see, the sea of humanity is well divided, our social exchanges transpire […]

It’s been a while. There are inevitable challenges when one devotes their life to Truth and the cultivation of Awareness. There are times when I lose sight of the grand vision and really feel like giving up on the rest of the Klan…..So much confusion, noise, mindlessness – bitterness, envy, self-indulgence and nonsense. After a while – after one pulls their head out of the noise and assumed context…..the rest of the moving world seems to just go on relentlessly with bickering, bullshit and cliched exchanges- over and over and over again. Often times, it appears to be an endless loop of folly……..It’s been this way for as long as mankind has gathered…. Never before – has the world needed sincere Leadership – Light – Liberty and most of all Love… I myself – can get beyond the realm of frustrated with my/our people… […]

  Hurry, hurry step right up……behind the curtain awaits wonders and oddities that dumbfound the senses…..for the price of a cup of coffee…..grab your ticket……enjoy the show. Where to even begin today…. How about the ROOT of it ALL? To the very beginning? To the HEART of all Human matters? There are tiered elements that drive all human motion, whether physical or psychic movements. And there are hackers that have exploited these natural patterns since the dawn of civilization. At heart of the Human Condition fires a FEAR…….a pillar of our psychological foundation. Every psychological element is directly based upon a material, physical consideration. Every psychological elements renders to an Unperishable, physical condition. At the HEART… front and center of IT ALL…….VULNERABILITY. To be Vulnerable is THE WORST POSITION TO BE IN…..absolutely the worst……Vulnerability opens the enterprise to an onslaught of assaults and manipulative […]